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-The Veterans Empowerment Act (H.R. 4457), shows the Koch Brothers are hiring politicians to raid the VA health system. They want to “corporatize” VA health system toward being a civilian insurance program by charging for service-connected health care. The politicians will dangle promises of better access while stripping VA health funding (watch for VA hiring cuts). Be alert to organizations such as “Concerned Veterans for America”. It would pay outside providers at greater cost (due to CEO pay & Admin.) and with zero guarantee of better access or quality. Given an equal number of providers, corporate medical care has longer wait times and cannot match the continuity of VA care, especially its institutional ability to help injured veterans. This breaks America’s promise to its warriors. Trust the established VSO groups (VFW, FRA, American Legion, DAV, VVA, etc.) not Faux News or CVA. If you agree, contact your Congressional members to publicly denounce the “Veterans Empowerment Act” and other proposals like it.


-From SECVA inquiry; the US Code, at 38 U.S.C 1116, provides for presumption of Agent Orange exposure for Veterans who served within the Republic of Vietnam, or on its inland waterways, between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975. This presumption is based on the use of AO aerial spraying for military operations within the land boundaries of Vietnam, including along inland waterways.

The current presumption for U.S. Navy Veterans who served aboard a ship extends to those Veterans who were aboard ships operating in the offshore waters of Vietnam and went ashore. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) will continue to review any evidence related to whether Blue Water Navy Veterans who served aboard ships operating on the offshore waters of Vietnam may have been exposed to Agent Orange.

        Sent via email; Office of Client Relations – Office of the Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs. 810 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20420.

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