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-Royal Industries is moving from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Allentown, PA. creating 80 new jobs. They are moving into an 85,000 square foot facility and pledged 3.7 million dollars for the project. For more information visit dced.pa.gov. This could help some younger Shipmates transitioning to civilian life or some in need of employment.

-H.R. 1066; The VA alignment Act of 2017, which would require the VA to submit an evaluation to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and House on how individual program offices interact and hold each other accountable.

-H.R. 3122; Veterans’ Care Financial Protection Act of 2017. This would require the VA to develop and implement standards that protect individuals who are eligible for this increased pension from dishonest predatory or otherwise unlawful practices.

-H.R. 3561; Expedites VA Home Loan Appraisal process by authorizing VA authorized appraisers to use information from third party entities when determining a Homes’ value.

-H.R. 3656; Establishes consistent applicability date for provision of memorial headstones and markers for eligible non-veteran individuals.

-H.R. 3657; This would expand authority to provide Headstones and markers to eligible spouses and dependents in Tribal Veterans’ Cemeteries.


  • Next week, 16 OCT 2017, there will be a Webinar and Facebook Chat on the Blended Retirement System which takes effect next year. The first event is a Webinar on Wednesday 18 OCT 2017 from 1300-1400 EDT. The second event will be a Q and A on Facebook Thursday 19 OCT 2017, 1300-1400 EDT with #AskRobyn, the Defense Department’s Blended Retirement System along with Colleagues from the Thrift Savings plan. Go to the VFW Facebook site to find out more information on the event. This will beneficial to our Shipmates in the Reserve Component and Active Duty status, please pass along to the proper Shipmates.




I wish to thank all my Shipmates who sent best wishes while I was in the Hospital and Rehab from a nasty fall which broke some large and very essential bones. It was very uplifting and appreciated.

-There will be more current information about S/M Shumacks’ address to be sent out via our email and phone contacts. I have visited him in the Hospital and can say “George is George” and has his ever lively spirit. I found his room by listening and following the sound of his unique voice.

-One more time, get out with your FRA cap to the Veterans’ Tribute and support this very great event on Sunday, 12 NOV 2017 at 1200hrs. S/M Nixon has brought this event to a great event with a large amount of learning and effort. I feel we should show him the respect and stand in support as his Shipmates and Friends. As said, “If we don’t show up, nobody else will. Then the dedication and knowledge will fade from our Nation”. We owe it to our youth to supplement their education and History of those who came before, are still viable and are serving.


In Loyalty, Protection and Service,

David Sharp

President Branch 115, Lehigh Valley

Jr PRP NE/NEng Region

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 We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. Have an informal breakfast the first, third and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00 A.M. all at City View Diner on MacAuthur Road, Allentown. 

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