Fleet Reserves Association
Fleet Reserves Association



Fleet Reserve Association

Branch #115, Lehigh Valley, PA

Donald Bear, 315 Peach Street,

                          Catasauqua, PA 18032


President, Dave Sharp  davidsharp@usa.com

Vice President, Ralph Annunziata, rannunziata1@verizon.net

Secretary, Donald Bear, usnbear@me.com        

Treasurer, Larry Roth, larry.roth2@rcn.com 



Upcoming Schedule   May 8, 2018 meeting, 0830 at City View Diner, 1831 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA 18052.


April 10, 2018 Meeting.


Present were. President David Sharp, V/P Ralph Annunziata, Secretary Don Bear, Treasurer Larry Roth, Master-At-Arms John Treiber, Acting Chaplain Dan Heitzer, Acting Membership Chairman Jeff Chewning, Americanism/Patriotism Chairman Bill Nixon, Youth Activities Chairman Tim Gilbert, Welfare/ Hospitalization Chairman Harold Newhard, PRPNE George Folk, Jr. Past President Paul Geissinger, Carl Kilhefner, Joe Toth, Ronda Hummel, Woody Greene, George Dolgos, James Dal Maso, Hans Keller, Andy Smerek, Roland Saeger and guest William Duquesnel. 


0838 President Sharp performed opening ceremonies. President asked if there should be any changes or corrections to March minutes. None reported, Minutes stand.


Communications – Secretary Bear read a letter we received from National President William Starkey requesting the Branch to nominate him for a second term as National President. A motion was made by George Folk to approve the nomination seconded by Donald Bear. A vote was taken resulting in 4 ayes, 14 nays and 2 not voting.

President Sharp received a request to nominate PRPNE/NEng Donna Jansky for the National Vice President position. Don Bear made a motion to approve this request seconded by Andrew Smerek and approved by everyone present.


Treasurer’s Report –Treasurer Larry Roth provided the treasurers report. Harold Newhard made a motion to accept and Carl Kilhefner seconded. Approved by all present.


Membership – Jeff Chewning reported that our Membership Chairman Jeffrey Berger informed him we have 156 shipmates in good standing. The April FRA Magazine on page 35, is continuing the recruiting rewards program. “Moving Forward “ offers collectible pins and other rewards.


Also, Jeff Berger informed us about a Vettes for Vets car show that will be held Sunday June 10th at the Blue Valley Farm Show, 707 American-Bangor Road, Bangor, PA. He wants to set up a table with FRA info to attract new members.  President Sharp will attend and Jeff Chewning needs to check his schedule but thinks he can make it.


Americanism / Patriotism – Shipmate Nixon is looking for volunteers to assist with the Run/Walk for Heroes on Saturday May 5th that will have a 9am start time at the Rally Point. (Registration 7:45 – 8:45). Volunteers should be there at 8am.


May 10th, Work day at the rally Point. Plant and mulch.


May 10th FRA Fundraising Event at Panera Bread, 915 Airport Center Drive, Allentown, PA. A portion of money collected that day will go to our branch.


Mission to Honor- Veterans to School program sponsored by Phillipsburg High School will be held Tuesday May 22nd.  Includes light breakfast, assembly, classroom visits, lunch. You must fill out a registration form that shipmate Nixon can provide.


Memorial Day Ceremony, Saturday May 26th, 8pm at The Rally Point. This will be a candle light program. Bring a chair and enjoy the presentation.


May 27th, Fleet Week Bus Trip to New York City. Easton Coach will depart 9am from RT 33 Park & Ride for Pier 86 (The USS Intrepid) and there you will be able to go with each other or by yourself to tour the Intrepid or other US Navy & Coast Guard ships that will have an open gangway visitation program. Bus will depart 4pm and stop at Cracker Barrel in Clinton, NJ for supper. Phillipsburg Area Veterans are paying for the bus the rest of the day will be up to you regarding what to pay for or see.


June 3rd, Need volunteers to help cook food for the baseball clinic at the Rally Point.


June 14th, Flag Burning Ceremony at the Rally Point by the Boy Scouts.


Veterans Recognition Night at Phillipsburg High School will be held Friday, September 21st. This is National POW/MIA Remembrance Day, supper for the veteran and 1 guest sponsored by the high school FFA Chapter. All veterans are recognized at half time on the track in front of approximately 8,000 people. No reservations. Meet on the field next to the scoreboard. Mingle with the band, FFA members and student organizers.


Veterans Tribute – Sunday November 11th. Phillipsburg High School auditorium. 100th Anniversary ending WW1.


Youth Activities – Chairman Tim Gilbert asked the shipmates to sign up for “Mission to Honor” at Phillipsburg High School on Tuesday May 22, 2018. He reminded the shipmates how eager the students are to hear about your service to our country.

Hospital / Welfare – Chaplain George Shumack is up and walking with his physical therapy routine. He is waiting for his doctor’s authorization to be released. Frank Ginter was moved to Holy Family Manor. You need a password to visit him that his wife can give you.


Recreation – Commander James Turner informed us the branch picnic will be held at the Hokendauqua American Legion Pavilion Saturday July 14, 2018. He handed out forms requesting shipmates to identify what food, drink, dessert, etc., they will be bringing to the picnic by the May 8th meeting. He will have a list made up by the June meeting so all will know what items we are bringing to avoid duplications if possible. Also, any item you can bring to raffle will help our treasury.


Old Business – Nothing


New Business – Secretary Bear wrote an article to put in the Morning Call answering the question, what is the FRA. Every shipmate at the meeting read a copy. A motion was made by Harold Newhard to pay to place the ad in the Saturday Morning Call Newspaper. Seconded by Jeff Chewning and approved by all shipmate’s present.

President Sharp made a motion to pay for the article to be placed in Saturdays paper two consecutive Saturdays seconded by Carl Kilhefner and approved by all present.


President Sharp received a request to place an ad in the Regional Handbook. Don Bear made a motion to place a full page ad seconded by George Folk and approved by all present.


President Sharp received a request to place an ad in the National Convention Handbook. George Folk made a motion to pay for a half page ad seconded by John Treiber and approved by all present.



Good of the Order – President Sharp opened the floor for nominations for FRA Branch Officers for 2018-2019.


Secretary Bear nominated William Nixon for President. Shipmate Folk nominated Dave Sharp for President. Dave Sharp withdrew his nomination.


Shipmate Gilbert nominated Dan Heitzer for Vice President.


Shipmate Chewning nominated Don Bear for Secretary.


Shipmate Carl Kilhefner nominated Larry Roth for Treasurer.


We have one more round of balloting before elections take place.


Jeff Chewning gave the County of Northampton, Dept. of Veterans Affairs a copy of our flyer concerning our fund raiser at Panera Bread on May 10th. They published the flyer in their newsletter. Well Done Jeff.


Harold Newhard requested shipmates to provide him with their email address and phone number. He cannot contact sick or hospitalized shipmates without that information.


Hans Keller informed us the Navy Reserve Center is having its family day Saturday June 9th.


Bill Nixon thinks we should draft a response to National concerning our ideals to promote membership.


Dan Heitzer has a workshop and is willing to make the wooden flag boxes we give to essay winners and other people we think should receive one. He is requesting assistance sanding, staining and gluing them.


Essay Contest Winners with Parents
Essay Contest Winners

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 We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. Have an informal breakfast the first, third and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00 A.M. all at City View Diner on MacAuthur Road, Allentown. 

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